Retail NI Comments on NI Budget

Retail NI has urged the NI Secretary of State to consult the business and wider stakeholders on today’s draft Budget.

 Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts said:

“While we appreciate that the Secretary of State had little choice but to set a budget, it is disappointing that an elected and accountable local Assembly was unable to do so”

“It is unclear how the business community or wider civic society can have input or any sort of consultation into the budget. This is absolutely vital given the huge challenges facing the economy and our public services”

“It is welcomed that the Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee has indicated that it will scrutinise the Budget and we urge them to take evidence from interested groups”

“We cannot continue with this limbo of being halfway between Devolution and Direct Rule. The business community in Northern Ireland deserves better than a ‘care and maintenance’ administration that is unable to make the major policy decisions that impact on our economy”

“Despite nearly a year of discussions, our political parties need to continue to engage and to restore the Executive. Direct Rule is in no way a viable Plan B”


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