Retail NI Responds to Budget

Retail NI has given its reaction to today’s Budget Speech by the Chancellor.

Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts said:

“Retail NI has long championed the need for City Deals for Belfast and Derry and we welcome the Chancellor’s green light of negotiations for a Belfast Deal. However we are disappointed and surprised that a City Deal for Derry was not included and will be raising this with the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland”

“While we welcome the extra £650m extra for the Northern Ireland Executive, it remains extremely frustrating that we have no Government in place to spend these additional funds”

“The decision to once again freeze fuel duty will be helpful to our members with their own transport and income tax free allowance increase to £11,850 hopefully have a small boost on spending”

“The Chancellor had a great deal to say on reforming Business Rates, however many of proposals will simply not apply to Northern Ireland as rating policy is devolved”

“Overall the jury is out as to just how much this Budget really delivers for the Northern Ireland economy”

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